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  • DIBELS Next Trainings

    DIBELS Next Trainings

    DIBELS Next DIBELS Next measures are quick and efficient measures that indicate if a student is on track for reading success. With both universal screening and progress monitoring components, these measures are critical...
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  • RAVE-O Trainings

    RAVE-O Trainings

    RAVE-O® is a one-of-a-kind small-group reading intervention that targets serious reading challenges. Based on scientific research, its unique, cutting-edge approach closes and prevents the achievement gap by engaging...
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  • Voyager Sopris Learning Training Center

    Voyager Sopris Learning Training Center

    Voyager Sopris Learning provides professional development for teachers, literacy coaches, and administrators with comprehensive training aimed at ensuring successful use of the curriculum. All professional development...
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  • Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction

    Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction

    Professional Development Targeted to K-3 Educators Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction is professional development for teachers of reading who want to implement the components and principles of scientifically based reading...
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  • ParaReading


    A Training Guide for Tutors Make sure tutors and para-educators have the preparation and confidence they need. ParaReading, a LETRS Supplemental Module, prepares paraprofessionals for the increasing demands placed on them...
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  • Teaching Reading Essentials (TRE)

    Teaching Reading Essentials (TRE)

    Video Demonstrations of Small-Group Interventions Teaching Reading Essentials is the training educators have been asking for—professional development that demonstrates how to teach beginning reading to challenging...
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  • Connecting LETRS to the Classroom

    Connecting LETRS to the Classroom

    Reinforce and deepen teachers' knowledge of effective reading instruction with this series of 15 one-hour online sessions designed to make explicit connections between LETRS professional development and classroom practice...
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  • Speech Sounds of English Video

    Speech Sounds of English Video

    A Video Tutorial with Louisa Moats In this 46-minute video, literacy expert Louisa C. Moats teaches the phonemic decoding, spelling, and proper pronunciation of phonemes. It can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a...
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  • A Principal's Primer for Raising Reading Achievement

    A Principal's Primer for Raising Reading Achievement

    This book is a step-by-step manual for principals who are dissatisfied with their students’ reading achievement and who want to improve the overall reading performance of an elementary or middle school population...
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  • Colleague in the Classroom

    Colleague in the Classroom

    Using today's most effective strategies, the “world's best teachers” model 25 sequential reading lessons that address initial sound, phoneme segmentation, nonsense word, and oral reading fluencies. Presented on...
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  • Stop & Think Training

    Stop & Think Training

    With role playing and group activities, this nationally recognized program addresses four developmental levels and helps students learn interpersonal, survival, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.   The...
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  • LETRS for Early Childhood Educators

    LETRS for Early Childhood Educators

    The Early Childhood LETRS Supplemental Module provides quality professional development for early childhood educators interested in helping young children build a strong foundation in early literacy skills. The program...
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  • LETRS: Teaching English Learners

    LETRS: Teaching English Learners

    A Supplementary LETRS Module for Instructional Leaders Building on the gold standard of LETRS professional development, LETRS for ELL Educators addresses the key principles of effective instruction for English language...
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  • REWARDS Training & Support

    REWARDS Training & Support

    REWARDS® is a suite of specialized reading and writing programs designed for all types of struggling readers in Grades 4-12. Visit the REWARDS program for detailed information on the family of products. Training is...
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