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Summer School/After School

  • Reading through Automaticity, Vocabulary, Engagement, and Orthography


    Welcome to RAVE-O RAVE-O® is a small-group, evidence-based literacy intervention curriculum for students in grades 2–4, which empowers them to read text deeply to build new knowledge, develop new ideas, and reach...
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  • VmathLive


    Welcome to VmathLive VmathLive® empowers students in grades K–8 to master math content at their own pace in a motivating online environment. The learning is structured so students work sequentially through the...
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  • Six-Minute Solution

    Six-Minute Solution

    A Reading Fluency Program Build fluency and comprehension skills with students in grades K–12—in just six minutes a day. Peer-driven, The Six-Minute Solution levels and pairs students to read content...
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  • Vocabulary Through Morphemes

    Vocabulary Through Morphemes

    Introduce students in grades 4–12 to this engaging study resource that teaches common prefixes, suffixes, and roots with explicit, direct instruction, and multisensory practice activities and application. Create better...
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  • TimeWarp Plus

    TimeWarp Plus

    Welcome to TimeWarp Plus TimeWarp® Plus is a K–9 summer reading intervention system for struggling students that dramatically accelerates their reading skills. The program promotes results-driven, hands-on...
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  • Voyager Adventure Series

    Voyager Adventure Series

    Voyager Adventure Series takes students to places they’ve never been. This experiential curriculum features reading and mathematics focus lessons that include cross-curricular topics. Students paint, draw,...
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  • Vmath Summer Adventure

    Vmath Summer Adventure

    Welcome to Vmath Summer Adventure For grades K–8, Vmath Summer Adventure® is a research-based math intervention program that improves math skills through targeted instruction and practice on essential concepts...
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  • eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

    eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

    This supplemental program extends The Six-Minute Solution’s timed, paired readings to include complete vocabulary expansion and comprehension lessons—ultimately teaching students to read deeply, not just fluently...
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  • REWARDS Plus: Science and Social Studies

    REWARDS Plus: Science and Social Studies

    REWARDS Plus: Social Studies and REWARDS Plus: Science, New Editions!  Reading Strategies Applied to Social Studies or Science Passages REWARDS® Plus builds on students’ familiarity...
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  • Step Up to Writing, Fourth Edition

    Step Up to Writing, Fourth Edition

    Welcome to Step Up to Writing Step Up to Writing® Fourth Edition is an unparalleled writing instruction program designed for learners of all levels and types in grades K–12. The new edition uses the same proven...
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  • Reading Rangers

    Reading Rangers

    Online Practice of Essential Reading Skills Reading Rangers is meaningful online reading practice, filled with engaging experiences that help improve reading fluency and comprehension. Students earn tokens during the...
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  • REWARDS Writing

    REWARDS Writing

    Sentence Refinement REWARDS® Writing: Sentence Refinement teaches essential writing skills that can be applied in all content areas. The program consists of 75 teacher-directed lessons, which provide the...
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  • REWARDS Plus, Second Edition

    REWARDS Plus, Second Edition

    NEW VERSIONS! REWARDS Plus: Social Studies, Third Editionand REWARDS Plus: Science, Second Edition NOW AVAILABLE Order Now!   Reading Strategies Applied to Social Studies and Science...
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