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Siegfried Engelmann

Siegfried Engelmann is the founder of Direct Instruction and related instructional technology. He is professor of Education at the University of Oregon and has taught the full range of students—from preschoolers to graduate students. He is a coauthor of over 100 instructional programs, which range from beginning reading and math to algebra and earth science. Mr. Engelmann has written 18 books on instruction and behavior, including Theory of Instruction and Inferred Functions of Performance and Learning. He has also written 28 chapters in professional works and over 60 articles.

Mr. Engelmann has been involved in ten major educational research studies. These include a five-year study of teaching speech to profoundly deaf students, and a four-year study involving teaching math, reading and writing to at-risk high school students. Mr. Engelmann was co director of the model that outperformed all others in the 9-year Follow Through study, which involved teaching language, reading, spelling and math to at-risk students in grades K-3 and which was the largest educational experiment ever conducted.

Among the awards Mr. Engelmann has received are The American Psychological Association 1995 Fred Keller Behavioral Education Award and the 2002 Award for Achievement in Education Research presented by the Council of Scientific Society Presidents.