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Owen Engelmann

Owen Engelmann is the author of several Direct Instruction mathematics programs (Connecting Math Concepts, Direct Instruction Math Facts, Funnix Beginning Mathematics), and reading programs (Horizons, Journeys, Funnix Reading). Owen also has a strong background in teaching and supervising Direct Instruction. He was a consultant for the Accelerated Student Achievement Program (ASAP) beginning in 1993, and then became a Project Director for the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) in 1996. As a Project Director, he was in charge of 4 schools in Baltimore MD. In 2003, he was promoted to NIFDI’s Director of Curricular Resources, so all of the NIFDI schools could benefit from his unique blend of designing instruction and expertise in all areas of the classroom.

Programs By Owen Engelmann           

Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE)