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  • Six-Minute Solution

    Six-Minute Solution

    A Reading Fluency Program Increase reading fluency in just six minutes a day! The Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program is a fast, fun, research-based way to increase fluency. In same-level pairs, students do...
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  • Vocabulary Through Morphemes

    Vocabulary Through Morphemes

    Suffixes, Prefixes, and Roots for Intermediate and Secondary Grades As students come to understand the connections and patterns within the English language, they become independent readers, better spellers, and more...
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  • 50 Nifty Activities

    50 Nifty Activities

    Fifty Nifty Activities connects and reinforces the concepts taught in LETRS with fun, engaging activities that are aligned with DIBELS measures. The activities are easy to implement and incorporate into daily lessons from...
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  • 50 Nifty Speaking and Listening Activities

    50 Nifty Speaking and Listening Activities

    50 Nifty Speaking and Listening Activities: Promoting Oral Language and Comprehension promotes the development of oral language confidence and enhanced comprehension skills. Mirroring Judith Dodson’s popular 50 Nifty...
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  • Primary Spelling by Pattern

    Primary Spelling by Pattern

    Primary Spelling by Pattern is a full-year, 30-week spelling and word study curriculum designed for general education and intervention settings. Featuring a structured language teaching approach and explicit...
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  • Sound Partners

    Sound Partners

    A Tutoring Program in Phonics-Based Early Reading  Sound Partners is an explicit, phonics-based tutoring program that provides individual instruction in early reading skills. Using lessons specifically designed for...
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  • Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (BELLS)

    Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (BELLS)

    A Resource and Activity Guide for Preschool and Kindergarten More than 70 developmentally appropriate activities increase young children's phonological and print awareness and language usage while improving cognitive,...
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  • Power Readers

    Power Readers

    Beginning readers are set for success with Power Readers. The program features 28 related decodable stories with recurring characters and prereading and postreading activity pages aligned with the story and the phonics...
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  • Supercharged Readers

    Supercharged Readers

    Dig into diphthongs and long vowels while ramping up student skills with these exciting new decodable chapter books. Like Power Readers, Supercharged Readers features prereading and postreading activities, with a direct...
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  • Phonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

    Phonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

    This teacher resource details an effective method to help students understand the often confusing relationship between phonemes (the sounds we hear in a word) and graphemes (the letters that represent those sounds). Students...
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  • Stepping Stones to Literacy

    Stepping Stones to Literacy

    Geared toward mastery of skills that contribute to phonemic awareness—listening, letter naming, phonological awareness, and serial processing—Stepping Stones to Literacy helps below-benchmark readers. It aligns...
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  • Spellography


    A Student Road Map to Better Spelling Experience a classroom-tested spelling and word study program that teaches concepts explicitly, systematically, cumulatively—and enjoyably! Spellography’s humorous games,...
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