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  • Six-Minute Solution

    Six-Minute Solution

    A Reading Fluency Program Build fluency and comprehension skills with students in grades K–12—in just six minutes a day. Peer-driven, The Six-Minute Solution levels and pairs students to read content...
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  • Vocabulary Through Morphemes

    Vocabulary Through Morphemes

    Introduce students in grades 4–12 to this engaging study resource that teaches common prefixes, suffixes, and roots with explicit, direct instruction, and multisensory practice activities and application. Create better...
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  • Primary Spelling by Pattern

    Primary Spelling by Pattern

    Help students learn basic spelling patterns to decoding and spelling with Primary Spelling by Pattern. Go beyond regular spelling programs and provide comprehensive word study with cumulative, systematic, explicit, and...
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  • Sound Partners

    Sound Partners

    Providing supplemental, one-on-one, effective instruction in early literacy learning skills, Sound Partners is a research-based tutoring program that builds essential early reading skills. Improve phonemic...
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  • Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (BELLS)

    Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (BELLS)

    Engage early learners 3–5 years old in natural, playful language development for future reading success. Authored by Lucy Hart Paulson of LETRS® for Early Childhood Educators, Building Early Literacy...
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  • Power Readers

    Power Readers

    Begin building rich foundational reading skills with your K–1 students and beginning readers. With the Power Readers series, educators find the skills-building exercises in phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and...
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  • Supercharged Readers

    Supercharged Readers

    Communicate critical literacy concepts in a fun and engaging way for your readers. Supercharged Readers brings literacy to life with decodable chapter books full of engaging content that focus on diphthongs, long...
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  • Phonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

    Phonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

    Help K–6 readers connect the sounds of spoken language to written language to become independent decoders and spellers of words—from foundational to multisyllabic. This easy-to-use solution aligns with...
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  • Stepping Stones to Literacy

    Stepping Stones to Literacy

    When early learners are identified as at risk for reading failure, Stepping Stones to Literacy is effective, research-based, interactive intervention to help them. Build basic phonemic awareness skills through...
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