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Judith Dodson, M.A.

Judi Dodson, M.A., is a national LETRS trainer, who works with teachers and administrators of primary, intermediate, and secondary students. She served for 20 years as a special education teacher, primarily with children with reading problems, and as an educational consultant performing diagnostic assessment of learning disabilities. Judi is currently working on writing activities that can help classroom teachers develop and enhance their students’ oral language skills.

Judi consults with schools, state departments of education, and school districts on issues related to school change, teacher knowledge, and literacy achievement. She speaks at conferences and gives workshops on topics related to reading intervention and activities that support increasing student achievement. Judi believes that working to empower teachers with knowledge about literacy can make a real difference in their work and help them change and enrich the lives of the children they teach.

Judi lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband and daughter and has two grown sons. She divides her time between family, writing, teaching teachers, and as president of Peruvian Hearts, a nonprofit organization that supports education, healthcare, and nutritional needs of children living in orphanages in Peru.

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