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Hill M. Walker, Ph.D.

Hill M. Walker, Ph.D., has had a 35-year research career in the areas of school-related behavior disorders, youth violence prevention, and school safety. His professional interests include the study of aggressive, acting-out behavior patterns in school; social skills assessment and program development; development and validation of comprehensive behavior-management packages for use in regular classroom and playground settings; school-based mental health; violence prevention; and school safety. Since 1984, he has been the principal investigator of a longitudinal follow-up study of antisocial and at-risk boys, in collaboration with Jerry Patterson and his associates of the Oregon Social Learning Center. Walker is the author of First Step to Success: Helping Young Children Overcome Antisocial Behavior; The Acting-Out Child; School Archival Records Search (SARS): Predicting School Dropouts; Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders (SSBD); Tough Kid Video Series; Early Screening Project (ESP); Making Schools Safer and Violence Free (Walker & Epstein, 2000); Safe School Design (Schneider, Walker, & Sprague, 2000);and Interventions for Achievement and Behavior Problems (Stoner & Walker, in press). Walker currently serves as codirector (with Jeffrey Sprague) of the University of Oregon Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior.

Programs By Hill M. Walker, Ph.D.

The Acting-Out Child