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Charles Greenwood, Ph.D.

Charles R. Greenwood, Ph.D., is Director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project in Kansas City, Kansas, and Courtesy Professor of Special Education and Human Development and Family Life at the University of Kansas. A former special education teacher and school psychologist, Greenwood has established an extensive record of research designed to bridge the gap between research and practice in local schools. For example, ClassWide Peer Tutoring  is an instructional intervention that he developed in collaboration with local teachers that has been validated in multiple intervention research studies since 1981. His classroom observation instruments (CISSAR and MS-CISSAR) have been widely used to assess the effects of instructional interventions on student engagement in academic responding and teacher behavior. His most recent efforts to improve the academic and social achievements of children at risk due to urban poverty and disability have been directed at increasing partnerships and collaborations between teachers and educational researchers designed to address common problems in local schools.

The Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, which takes its name from a federal housing project in the area, is a 35-year collaboration between the culturally and linguistically diverse neighborhood residents of northeast Kansas City and the faculty of the University of Kansas. The mission of the project is to research and disseminate interventions that improve the developmental experiences and social and academic achievements of area children and families. In 1996, the Project received the Council for Exceptional Children’s research award for its distinguished record of developing instructional interventions and professional development, including training of teachers, special educators, and doctoral/postdoctoral faculty members and researchers.