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  • DIBELS Deep

    Acadience Reading Diagnostic

    Acadience Reading Diagnostic (also published as DIBELS Deep) is a diagnostic assessment that provides educators with specific information for developing instruction corresponding to each of the key basic early...
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  • Acadience Reading K-6

    Acadience Reading K-6

    Welcome to Acadience Reading K-6 (also published As DIBELS Next) Acadience Reading suite of literacy assessments features quick, reliable, and valid measures that indicate if students in grades K–6 are on...
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  • DIBELS Next Survey

    DIBELS Next Survey

    The purpose of DIBELS Next Survey is to provide educators with materials and guidelines for using DIBELS measures with students who are reading below grade level. Back testing with DIBELS Next Survey allows educators...
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  • DIBELS Next Trainings

    DIBELS Next Trainings

    DIBELS Next DIBELS Next measures are quick and efficient measures that indicate if a student is on track for reading success. With both universal screening and progress monitoring components, these measures are critical...
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  • Voyager Sopris Learning eLibrary

    Voyager Sopris Learning eLibrary

    NOW AVAILABLE! The all-new eLibrary provides one location for accessing professional development and instructional eBooks. Our fully searchable eBooks provide online and offline access to book content and a rich array...
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